It is our constant endeavor to bestow structure to every corporate capital and to find avenues of adding value to the firm for shareholders. Our team of experts will personally take you through the numerous options that hold potential for you. We value our beneficiaries and aim to maximize their wealth under the provisions of Shari’ah finance systems. We work with the express aim to bring new businesses that enrich the economic experience in the Gulf region.

Our offerings

Term Finance

Equipment/ Vehicle/ Machinery Finance

At Siraj Finance you shall find a cache of financial products that help your trade in innumerable ways. We offer financial aids in the realms of equipment, machinery and vehicles through very affordable and easy solutions.

Real Estate Finance

If you’re looking forward to securing a property or a plot for your business, Siraj is the right place for you. We offer a plethora of property and Real Estate Financial Products, all of which are Shari’ah-compliant.

Trade Finance

Our array of Trade Finance Products allows smooth business transactions unmarred by financial issues or crisis. We offer Islamic finance products that facilitate imports, exports, distribution, simultaneously working alongside international finance companies.

Working Capital Finance

When you are running an industry or a business, interruption in cash flow becomes a huge risk for your working capital. At Siraj, we cater to numerous working capital requirements of our clients. Customers can opt for suitable products with long payment benefits, all based on standard Islamic modes of finance.

Business Accounts

Current Account

Having a Current Account with Siraj allows you to maintain your business’s account in a compact, comprehensive and flexible way. With unlimited transactions, you can benefit from our various schemes under the mode of Shari’ah Financing.

Term Deposits- Waqalah

Waqalah deposits ensure hassle-free, Shari’ah compliant investments on the clients’ profits. Siraj offers one of the most advanced treasury management that guarantees the best returns on what you earn.

Financial Services


At Siraj, you will find an array of Shari’ah-compliant guarantees for your business. These cutting-edge guarantees are flexible, safe and operate even on marginal amounts.

WPS Payroll Services

We provide innovative, adaptable and easy-to-access electronic WPS [Wages Protection Systems] management systems to help you supervise all cash flows, payrolls, and their disbursements.