About US

Siraj Finance PJSC

A private joint stock company based in Abu Dhabi and regulated by the UAE Central Bank, Siraj Finance provides a multitude of financial products – designed in compliance with Islamic Shari’ah principles.

We cater to individuals, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and corporations with the objective of encouraging healthy growth through the provision of a myriad of effective Islamic finance solutions and superlative diversified investment plans. We are directed towards the procurement of wealth and growth of businesses and passionate in understanding our clients’ concerns and in providing them a variety of Islamic finance options that best fit their aspirations and needs.

Our core aim is to become one of the most influential financial solutions companies facilitating businesses in the region. We value our clients’ concerns and allow them to choose from a wide cache of Islamic finance solutions to reach their specific goals. All our products are in line with Islamic principles and are meant to assist all segments of the population in growing their financial portfolio with financial solutions that cater to every need.

Siraj Finance is part of Trizac Holding LLC (THL), which is an integral entity of the Al-Otaiba Group of Companies. Trizac Holding boasts of a diverse portfolio of products and services, of which Siraj Finance is a vital part.

Spearheading diverse sectors of global importance, THL focuses on sustainability as its chief goal. With a strong corporate philosophy which involves operational transparency and integrity, THL aims at a sustainable growth in environmental, societal and economic realms.

Our vision statement


To be the number one Non-Banking Islamic Financial Institution (NBFI) in the UAE.

Our mission statement


Provide Islamic Financial Services, in its true sense and value.

Our Objectives


Maximize profits ethically for both owners and customers, and provide a professional and rewarding working environment for staff.

Our Goals statement


Provide an array of diversified Financial Products and Services via channels that are innovatively created utilizing latest technology that will keep Siraj Finance current with the industry standards that will be customer centric and regulatory compliant.

Investor Relations


Siraj Finance has several distinguished and experienced members at its helm, lending a guiding hand to the company.

Investor Relations

Our History

Formerly known as the National Finance Company, Siraj Finance PJSC was established with the aforementioned name in late 1999 with a starting capital of AED 50 million. In early 2007, Addax Bank, an investment bank based in Bahrain, expressed interest in acquiring the National Finance Company through a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and successfully gained a controlling stake in the company. The issued no. of shares were 126.5 million of AED 1 each, constituting AED 126,500,000 of company’s paid-up capital.

The National Finance Company underwent a name change in December 2007, to its current name, Siraj Finance PJSC.

Waha Capital, an Abu Dhabi based company, showed interest in purchasing Siraj Finance and started acquiring shares in Siraj Finance and subsequently held a majority stake in 2012.

As part of an internal corporate restructuring, Waha Capital started searching for prospective investors for transfer of control of Siraj Finance, and also approached the Central Bank in 2013 for its liquidation.

While waiting for the Central Bank’s approval, several prospective investors took an interest in purchasing the company, one of which was Trizac Holding, LLC which is part of the Al Otaiba Group of Companies. In April 2014, Trizac Holding decided to purchase the stakes of Waha Capital and 3 other prominent shareholders of Siraj Finance. The Central Bank approval came through in April 2015, and the sale was finalized in the last quarter of 2015.